Custom Pools


Gunite pools are considered to be the top-of-the-line option when it comes to inground pools.

These pools can be built in any shape or design and offer superior strength in the foundation. Gunite pools truly have no limits on creativity.


JAS Aquatics is a fiberglass pool builder that offers many advantages over other types of pools.

The installation process is much faster because they are factory-made, delivered to your home, and inserted in the ground already assembled. The smooth and non-porous surface of a fiberglass pool is easy on your skin, prevents staining, and makes it harder for algae to grow. 

Pool Builders on Long Island

Looking for an expert to design and build a custom pool that perfectly matches your vision? At Jas Aquatics, we are dedicated pool artisans, known for our exceptional, award-winning custom pool designs and construction.

With a focus on luxury and bespoke swimming pools, our professional team has established itself as a leading entity in the swimming pool installation sector.

We believe that the process of creating your new pool should be filled with anticipation and joy, not anxiety. Since our inception in 2009, Jas Aquatics has crafted thousands of pools, consistently receiving high acclaim from both industry insiders and satisfied customers.

A properly closed pool

Pool Closing Services

People underestimate the importance of closing your pool the right way. We’ve seen first-hand all the unwanted surprises that occur when an improperly closed pool is reopened the following year, it’s not pretty. 

When you leave it to our experts, you’re ensuring that your pool is properly and securely tucked away for winter.

Pool Liner Replacement

Vinyl liner pools are one of the more popular choices for inground pool design because of their exquisite look combined with their lower upfront cost.

At JAS Aquatics, we carry Merlin because we are confident they will bring long-lasting quality and character to your backyard.

Pool Opening Services

Pool openings normally take more than one visit to the property; especially if the water is not in the best condition when the pool opens.

Even if the poolwater is clear, four or more visits may be required to ensure your pool is safe and pristine.

Steel Vinyl Liner

Are you ready to change how you spend your time in your backyard? Let us inspect your property and customize a swimming pool to fit your outdoor space and desired family lifestyle.

If you’re considering building a vinyl liner pool, leave it to our liner design experts at Jas Aquatics. From the initial consultation to your first swim, our expert pool liner replacement team will walk you through the entire pool renovations and liner installation process.

Water Features

Water features can bring a whole new dimension to your backyard pool. From something like a simple laminar to a more extravagant feature like a natural waterfall, the concept of moving water attracts attention and gets people talking.

By incorporating water features into your poolscape, you’ll not only add an artistic element but more depth and character, as well. From tanning ledges, grottos, sheer descents, and more, the pool design experts at JAS Aquatics can help you select the right water feature that complements your swimming pool and backyard retreat.