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Pool Liner Replacement

Increase The Longevity Of Your Swimming Pool With Pool Liner Replacement

All About Our Pool Liner Replacement Service

A swimming pool is a worthwhile investment as it serves as a focal point for social gatherings while creating cherishable memories. To reap the full benefits of your pool, you should maintain it meticulously. Knowing when to replace your swimming pool liner is critical in securing your pool from costly pool liner repairs and additional damages.


In addition to the more obvious tasks of maintaining the water and adding chemicals, you should ensure all the machinery operates smoothly. Almost every pool owner has questions about their pool liner and whether it needs repair or replacement.

At Jas Aquatics, we are the go-to company for pool liner replacement in New York. Due to our extensive knowledge, we have assisted many residents in upgrading the quality of their swimming pool by replacing the liners.

Common Pool Liner Problems

If you can’t decide whether your pool liner needs repair or replacement, we have compiled a list of the most frequent causes for pool liner repairs or replacements, so you can get your pool ready for the upcoming season.

1) Leakage In Pool Liner

Our pool inspection service is recommended because pinpointing the exact location of a liner leak can be difficult. If this problem is not fixed quickly, it can lead to increased water bills, a reduced lifespan for the liner, and additional repair costs.

2) Faded Liners

Due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, the waterline of a pool liner is particularly susceptible to fading. Too much bleach or chlorine in the water can also cause discoloration. Our experts can assess the situation and offer solutions if your liner has faded.

3) Contaminated Liners

Some chemicals can remove stains from the pool liner. Specific treatments are required if the colors are tenacious. These treatments are best handled by our trained pool liner replacement technicians.

Why Should You Choose Us For Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement?

Gunite pools are the most popular choice for in-ground pools. The foundations of these pools are sturdy. The reasons to choose us over others in Nassau County, NY, are listed below:

Dedicated Staff For Satisfaction

Our clients in Nassau County appreciate our speedy responses & attention to detail. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your backyard oasis, not maintaining your pool.


Our experts are highly efficient and trained in the field, backed by years of experience. We answer every question about swimming pools and pool maintenance.

Customizable Maintenance Plans

We offer flexible plans to fit your needs and budget. We always provide a thorough project report afterward.

Our Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement Process

Jas Aquatics is a service company to contact if your pool liner needs repair or replacement. You can trust our pool liner replacement experts because our customers are our priority.


When the time comes to replace your vinyl pool liner, you need to drain the water and fix any damage to the pool’s exterior before starting the replacement process.


Our professional pool liner replacement crew has years of experience with new vinyl pool liner installations, and we can usually finish the project in a single day. It takes a few hours for a replacement depending on the pool size. 

Jas Aquatics is dedicated to providing prompt, professional service when replacing your pool liner. We have been serving the people in Nassau County, NY, since 2009. If you need pool liner replacement services, give us a call immediately.

Client Testimonials
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These guys are no nonsense love the job and service! Thank you so much!
Scott Burker
Very professional and excellent work. I like when someone says they will be there at a certain day and time and it actual happens.
Anthony Rivera
Jesse and his team at JAS Aquatics came to the rescue for Memorial Day weekend when we had multiple issues with our pool pump. He got it up and running before I knew it and saved our weekend. I am so appreciative of his quick response and making sure we were happy and swimming before the weekend was up. Thank you again Jesse!
Ariel McCreight
Quality all around from Jesse and JAS Aquatics. They came recommended and did not disappoint from beginning to end. Thank you JAS Aquatics for making my dream become reality.
Peter Bolska