The Top Pool Trends for 2023

It’s that time of the year again when Nassau County, NY, pool owners are gearing up for the pool season. As you prepare to dive into the warm, inviting waters of your backyard oasis, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in pool design. Whether you’re looking to install a new swimming pool or you’d like to revamp your existing pool, below, consider the following top pool trends for 2023 and how a professional pool opening service, like JAS Aquatics, can help you create the perfect summer retreat.


Natural Pools

One of the biggest trends for 2023 is the popularity of natural pools. These eco-friendly options use plants and filtration systems to keep the water clean and clear, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Natural pools are better for the environment and blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, creating a serene, peaceful ambiance.


Resort-Style Features

As homeowners look to create the ultimate staycation, resort-style features are becoming more popular. Options include swim-up bars, in-pool seating, and built-in water features like fountains and waterfalls. Adding these luxurious amenities to your pool area will make you feel like you are vacationing at a high-end resort without leaving your backyard.


LED Lighting

LED lighting has become a must-have feature for any modern pool design. These energy-efficient lights offer various colors and can be programmed to create stunning, dynamic displays. In addition to creating a beautiful ambiance after the sun goes down, LED lighting will also increase pool safety by making things like edges and steps more visible.

pool led lighting around pool edge

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is an excellent option if you have limited space in your Nassau County backyard. These small, shallow pools are perfect for cooling off and relaxing without the commitment of a full-sized pool; plus, they only require a little space. In addition, plunge pools can be customized to fit your unique space and can even be combined with other water features, such as hot tubs or fountains.


Smart Pools

Technology has entered the pool industry, and smart pools quickly become a hot trend. These pools can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to monitor and adjust various aspects of your pool, such as temperature, lighting, and filtration systems. As a result, smart pools provide homeowners with increased convenience, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.


Fire Features

Combining the elements of fire and water, fire features are an exciting addition to any pool area. Fire pits, fire bowls, and even flaming waterfalls can create a stunning visual effect and provide a cozy gathering spot for family and friends to warm up after taking a dip on those cooler summer evenings.


Infinity Pools

Infinity pools have gained popularity over the years for their unique and luxurious design, and in 2023, they continue to be a popular choice among Nassau County homeowners. These pools appear to extend seamlessly into the horizon, creating a breathtaking visual effect that enhances the beauty of your backyard. Infinity pools are perfect for those who desire a sophisticated and modern look for their outdoor space.


Turn Your Nassau County Backyard Into Your Private Retreat

These top pool trends for 2023 in Nassau County, NY, are just a glimpse of your backyard pool’s innovative and stylish design options. At JAS Aquatics, we provide exceptional pool opening, design, and maintenance services to help you create the pool of your dreams.

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your backyard pool experience this year. Contact JAS Aquatics today for all your pool needs, and let our experienced team transform your outdoor space into a stunning and functional oasis.